For the Love of the Horse

(Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love)

For the Love of the Horse honors horses of all breeds, sizes and disciplines, from Minis to Percherons, from barrel racers to dressage and event horses, driving horses to endurance horses and so much more. Horses have shared a timeless bond throughout history with us, serving as work horses, athletic partners, family pets, and four-legged therapists. No animal has served humans in so many capacities and been so generous with their work ethic, love, and willingness to give all they have.

Volume I: In Volume I Broadway star Linda Eder tells her story about her favorite horse, Ben, and how their trust in each other saved them from a potentially disastrous situation. Then you'll meet Iroquois, literally rescued right out of the slaughterhouse, who went on to take his owner and friend, Allene, to the Grand Prix field in Wellington, Florida, site of the most prestigious horse show series in the world.
We laugh at the inexperienced pony owners who, in an effort to prepare for a show, turn their pony pink! We meet Soldier, a moose of a horse who with his kindness and sagacity enabled an elderly gentleman to ride until he died. And we cheer on the underdog Stonehill team as they overcome obstacles (including a tornado that took out part of their hotel) to be named Intercollegiate Champions. These are just a few of the dozens of inspiring and funny stories in this volume.

Volume II: In Volume II we meet Antigua, who taught Will Faudree the ropes of upper level eventing. We learn about how the Lippizans of Austria helped a young girl deal with the terrors of encroaching Nazism and how an arrogant stallion turned into Liz Austin’s beloved partner and dressage super star Olivier. Find out how a sensitive and intuitive horse named LT reclaimed a young man discarded for lost. Stacy Westfall and Whizards Baby Doll blew audiences away with their bareback and bridleless reining routine. How did Stacy train Roxy to do it? Find out here.

Volume III: Everyone knows Teddy (Theodore O’Connor), the diminutive pony who showed the big horses how it was done. But no one knows his amazing story. Read it here. How many horses went from slaughterhouse rescue to Horse of the Year? Two of them, Monday Morning and Jamaica, are in this volume. And did you know the first schoolbus was . . . a horse? Read about him here. If you saw Blu Horse Matine’s stunning performance in the World Equestrian Games, you have to check out her story here.

Volume IV: Lisa Kelly is one of only three women who brave the most dangerous roads in North America as an Ice Road Trucker. She’s also a horse lover with a great story. Tina Konyot’s family performed in circuses; Tina is now an Olympic dressage rider. Find out how she formed a partnership with a horse that most people didn’t think would get far, and qualified for the London Olympics. Boyd Martin and Phillip Dutton braved a burning barn and saved Neville Bardos. It was the second time Boyd saved Neville; in return Neville saved Boyd, and his family. People wondered what breed the stunning stallion that won Reserve Champion Stallion at Dressage at Devon was. They were stunned to learn that Padre is an American Mustang. Read it all and more in Volume IV.

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